Monday, February 28, 2011

Write on.....

First of all dear readers, hope you are all fine and all is well in my side too. I am back with this post after a hiatus and to be honest this post has been on my mind for quite some time now, 6months to be exact. Ever since i started writing blogs and they gained notice, many people have asked me how I write the way I do. Quite a few of you have loved my writings and given me support, love and praise and many others have told me my writings are very mediocre and i need to improve on a lot of areas. But whatever be the feedback, that one question has always remained. I have wondered myself how i began writing and how it has all panned out thus far. After much thought and deliberation the answer that came to me was very elementary.

I have to accept the fact that i am in no way gifted or special. I do not possess any prodigal skills nor did i learn the art of writing by any special means. All I did was practice. I found out that writing was a way in which I could pour out my emotions in a channelized fashion. We can write about anything we want to and be measured, calm and professional about it. Whereas when we speak out our emotions tend to rob us of foresight. Words once spilled can never be gotten back!!

Out of this realization and out of the pressing need inside me to express my emotions strongly, I started writing. My first few writings were pure rubbish. I was not able to string words into sentences that made any sense. But I kept writing. It gave me satisfaction that I was channelizing my emotions. Hence, I stuck on. Though my writings were terrible I kept telling myself I can only get better. With time, I realized my sentences were more coherent and people who were reading had less difficulty in understanding my thoughts. My confidence grew, my fluency increased my writing improved. Slowly but surely I was getting better.

So the answer to the question is quite simple. To write well and be good at it all one needs is practice. Anyone can write. Writing does not demand anything special from us. If we know a language we can write in it. Honestly speaking I was a terrible writer. Time and practice bettered me. From my own experiences I just would like to share a few points that might help people wishing to start writing.

1. Please write (only) when you really feel the desire to.
2. Never attempt to write anything to please someone. Cos, when what you write is not intended to please you, never will it please anyone else.
3. Be sure of what you want to write. Let your words take shape before you put them on paper. At least have an outline of the subject you tend to write on.
4. NEVER write on people or subjects that you do not believe in or have no strong opinion about. If you do, your words will definitely be weak and will, 9 times out of 10, let you down.
5. LOVE YOUR WRITING even if the world doesn’t. Never give up on yourself.
6. Keep writing.

So, this is about everything I wanted to share. I am in no way special than you are dear reader. I have just kept writing and have been learning throughout. I am not sure if this post is any good, but I just wanted to pen down some of my thoughts and I have gone ahead and done just that. Please note, the points i have mentioned above are not any preset rules you must follow, they are just my own points. So get your pens out (or keyboards) and start writing. Time and practice will make you better… Trust me, nothing can give you more happiness than a post well written… So long dear reader… Cheers