Monday, May 18, 2015

Mom - My First Expert

The relationship I share with my mom is really special to me. It is a unique bond that is perhaps incomparable with any other relationship in this world. When I think back to the days when I was a kid and when I imagine how much of patience and sacrifices my mom would have had to make for me, it simply blows my mind. I got married in January ’15 and I have moved out with my wife, and now I realize my mother’s value tremendously. My wife is exactly another me, and I am realizing that I simply cannot handle another me. But my mom has been amazing. I am the only son at home and the way she brought me up without ever showing signs of stress or impatience is simply… inexpressible.

Till my wedding I never paused to think how much my mom means to me and how much I had learnt from her. I never really spent much time imagining the amount of love she had for me nor have I ever asked myself how life away from mom would be. It never struck me how much she actually knew about life in general. After my wedding it’s almost as if the universe has turned upside down. I am happily married mind you, but I stand exposed now. I realize now how much I don’t know about life. I do not know to differentiate between the small things and the big things in life; I do not know how to plan, to save, to sacrifice as much as my mother. But I know my mom is still around to teach me.

When I think of it, everything I know about life starts from my mother. To pick out one memory from a lifetime is not only difficult but also unfair. Every day there is something new that she keeps teaching me. For instance, just the other day I bought a skin for my laptop and I made a mess of sticking it. My mom who has never used a laptop all her life took over and expertly cut the skin to fit my screen and did a beautiful job of it. This has been the case all my life. She has been the first and the best expert in my life. From teaching me science and math during school to keeping me away from bad habits at college to showing me what true love actually means, she has always been at the center of my universe. The guiding light and the staunch pillar that never lets me down.

I have made more mistakes than I can count or remember, but she has always been around… forgiving me and ensuring that I don’t repeat my mistakes. She has helped me succeed, guided me through the many ups and downs in life, she has taught me to handle rejections and kept success from going to my head.

In short, whatever I am today it is because of her. I have never faltered when I have done as my mom has asked me to. She has been the torch, the pillar and the expert that I have been gifted to have. To me she is everything and with every day my love for her grows deeper and my admiration for her selfless and unconditional love keeps increasing. You my dear mom are an amazing person and I know how fortunate dad and I are to have you. Thank you so much mom J

In all honesty I must really thank Godrej. Writing this post has been an emotional exercise for me and I have had to stop and start quite a few times because I got overwhelmed with emotions a few times. It was the call for posts from Godrej that got me writing, so thank you Godrej.

And mom… I love you J You are truly my first expert!