Monday, March 10, 2014

Kochadaiyyaan - Music Review

Well, neither the movie, nor the hero nor its music director need any introduction. the title of this post must be really enough :) So lets jump into what i think of the album straightaway...

Enge Pogudo Vaanam

This is the typical intro song we are used to in every movie of the Superstar. The usual inspiring lines, words of wisdom for youngsters and the voice of SPB are all present in good measure. A good hear.

The Lyrical highlight -
"Ungalin Vaazhuthukalaal Uyir Køndu Èzhunthu Vittaen | Vaazhthiya Manangalukku Èn Vaazhkaiyai Vazhangi Vittaen" - In an apparent yet subtle way the lyrics tell of Rajni's comeback from illness and his gratitude for his fans. 

The Musical Crescendo - 
The best portion of the song comes in the instrumental interlude from 2:45 to 3:10. One of the best interludes in the whole album


ARR said recently that this is a song he composed specially for SPB's voice and it is indeed a beautiful melody. Replete with strains of Carnatic music and lilting voices this song is an ARR special!

PS – This song will definitely not impress you in one listen. Give it a repeat audience and it just will grow on you

The Lyrical highlight -
“ Enai Vella Yaarum Illai | Unaiyandri Disaigal Vellum Isaiyaae “ - It’s such a relief to see this line which says excepting nature, only you can win me over. The clichéd lines over glorify the hero and seldom gives the respect nature deserves. So it’s lovely to find that nature is being given her due.

The Musical Crescendo – 
The high point arrives the moment the Mridangam (percussions) enter the tune. From there the whole song is given a different color

Maattram Ondrudhaan Maaraadhadhu:

This one is for the Rajni fans. The song follows a repetitive pattern (pretty unusual from ARR) and has Rajni’s punch dialogues throughout. :) Rajni’s Tamil seems a little scratchy though. His usual clarity is lacking a little and the pronunciations of ‘ zha’ could have been done betterMy prediction is that this track will be relegated to the end credits of the movie. 

The Lyrical highlight -
“Porumai Kol Thanerrai Kooda Salladiyil Allalam | Athu Panikatti Aagum Varai Poruthirunthaal “– I chose this line because most of the other lines I have heard often. This one here is completely new and says be patient, you can gather water in a filter, if you wait long enough for it to freeze into an ice cube/snowball

The Musical Crescendo
The Konakkol at the end is a refreshing medley of Carnatic Classical and Western rhythms. Definitely provides a brilliant finish to the song.

Manappenin Sathiyam & Manamaganin Sathiyam :

Both these songs ride on the lyrical beauty and keep you hooked onto the language play. The tune, the instruments, the melody all merge as one and give you a lilting poem. Haricharan’s voice is aptly masculine and suits the song to a T and Latha Rajnikanth’s voice is fresh and adds surprisingly to the beauty of the song. These songs are the brainchild of a refreshing concept (Promises made during a marriage by the bride and the groom) and have been executed efficiently

The Lyrical highlight –
“ Kattil Araiyil Šamayal Araiyil Puthumai Šeivaen “ – When vulgarity reigns supreme in the lyrics off late this single line has brought back the subtlety that ruled in the 80s. Well writ Vairamuthu sir!


This, in my opinion has to be the best song of the album. A really difficult composition sung flawlessly by Chinmayi, this song is definitely a terrific number. This track too is surely not going to impress you with one or two listens. Brilliant singing!

The Lyrical highlight -
Senthee Vizhuntha Sempor Paaraiyil | Nandhi Uruttum Mayilini Mutayaai… idhayam nazhuvi nagarndu pogude… - Roughly translated means “Like an egg of a peacock being rolled by a monkey, on a stone scorched(burnt) by a red flame… my heart slips and moves away from me”

The Musical Crescendo
Chinmayi’s breathtaking vocals and the magnetic voice of srini teasing the listener often are works of pure genius! No one except ARR can do this magic!

Engal Kochadaiiyaan & Rana's Dream...
Both these songs bank on the technical brilliance of ARR and the former has chorus singing praise of the king Kochadaiiyaan and the latter is more like the instrumental version of Enge Pogudo vaanam. Sadly though both these numbers are average fares and there is nothing great in my opinion to write home about!

Karma veeran:
This is the crowning jewel of the album. I would rate this song on par with Idhayam. ARR’s voice is magnetic and captivates you from the start. I would be surprised though (pleasantly) if this song gets any screen space, watch out for this song in the opening/end credits

The Lyrical highlight -
Kalladi Padum Enbathaalae Maram | Kaaikaamal Povathillai – A tree doesn’t stop giving fruits just because it knows it will be stoned

Nindra Idathil Nirka Vaendumaa | Nee Odi Kondae Iru – If you want to last at one place (at the top), keep running

The Musical Crescendo
Rahman lets out a grunt when he sings the lines”… Veerargal Mannithaala Athu Varalaaru Varalaaru..” Hear it to understand why I make it the highlight of this song…

The music did impress me and I would give this album a 4 out of 5. This is my personal view and I hope you like it too J