Tuesday, August 20, 2019

#AadyaDiaries Part 5 - You are the Reason - Mytri Krishnamurthy

Here's a post on Aadya from the mother :)

When I open the refrigerator, for the 100th time and stare at it with amazement at all the stuff inside, deeply contemplating what was THE ingredient I'd actually opened it for, silently praying to overcome this phase of short term memory loss ,look up and see a lovely photo of you smiling like a winged cherub, dear baby " you are the reason I've turned forgetful"

When for the fifth time your dad says " you should learn to arrange things more neatly, learn from your MIL" and I agree with a half nod knowing that its next to impossible with the little brat who enjoys kitchen utensils, charging cables more than innumerable toys, my little girl ,"you are the reason, the house is clean as per my standards"

When I prostrate in front of God, deep in prayer thanking Him for THE little gift, only to wake up to the fact my head just received the blow from the bell that slipped from your little hand, my dd "you are the reason my prayers are short


When someone fondly says, " wow she's just a Xerox of her dad" and I go digging every childhood photo of mine hoping to find at least one similarity between us, my dd " you are the reason I've started to relive my childhood again"

When at the end of your nap, you wake up cranky and fussy and whine to glory sending cacophonic delta waves to my otherwise sluggish brain, jolting me from my deep sleep, my little monkey, " you are the reason I've mastered the art of power nap"

When I finally sit with a book to my hand, hoping to complete reading it at least by the end of this year, midway realize some pages to be missing and it dawns to me that the half-bitten pages are in your tummy, my little devil, " you are the reason I've moved to eBooks"

Having said all of it my baby girl " you are the reason, my days are better, my nights are longer but above all my life is beautiful, thank you.